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Top 5 Tips To Stay Sober in 2021

Dry January got you feelin’ good? Bring that energy into February and beyond.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve quit, you’re cutting back, mindfully drinking, maintaining your sobriety, or just sober-curious. You can use these tips we’ve adopted to help you figure out how to stay sober in 2021!

Checkout THESE Top 5-Tips for a Successfully Sober New Year

1. Learn about drugs & alcohol. 🤓
Alcohol classified as a depressant because of its slowing effects on the nervous system.  But, dive deeper. The more you learn, the better equipped you’ll be to identify triggers, set boundaries, and avoid drinking or using 💪.

2. Practice intentionality.
Figure out what makes you thrive. You could practice mindfulness, exercise regularly 🛹🏃🏽‍♀️🎾, get quality sleep or make well-balanced meals. Whatever it is, it should make you feel good. Feel free to share the things that make you thrive in the comments below! We love new ideas.

3. Find a friend or join a community.
Linking up with like-minded people can be a lifeline, especially during the lockdown. Plan some socially distanced hangs or join an online community… we’ll even help you get it started. Look for your city in the comments below and reply to find some new friends 🤝. Don’t see your city? Don’t be shy. Start a new thread!

4. Hide alcohol-related ads. 🚫
There’s no need to have alcohol in your feed! Plus, who doesn’t love one less ad? Go to your Instagram SETTINGS ⚙ > ADS 📣 > AD TOPICS > check ALCOHOL. Boom. You did it.

5. Celebrate milestones!
Whether it’s one day or 30, you’re working hard to be your best self and that’s worth celebrating. Honor your achievements by making milestones feel special. 🎉 🥳

Alright, now get out there & keep living your best life!  Don't forget to bring Better Caffeine™ along with you!


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    From Portland Oregon, I work for a great company that Clean Cause has just partnered with, its called Ground Up. And they hired me, even though due to drug use and chronic homelessness, I had no job history for over 16 YEARS!! It’s amazing to find companies that are helping to erase the stigma around drug addiction & alcoholism. I now have 2.5 years clean, my own apartment, two beautiful children, a living and supportive husband, a job that I love & I’m using my free time to create my own jewelry business; to give back to the community that’s helped, supported and loved me through the best and worst of it all!! Thanks so much for all that you do.
    My tip for staying clean in 2021: turn your passion /hobby into a side-hustle. It’s so rewarding and you can set your own hours!!

    not sure if you’ll post my link, but here is my Etsy shop, for those interested in affordable, dazzling handmade jewelry: www.etsy.com/shop/SpeechlessJewels
    Bonnie S

    Thanks for supporting the recovery community and promoting a sober lifestyle. I’m in recovery and for years I’ve noticed a stigma surrounding people in recovery. Y’all are helping get rid of that. Thanks!


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