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How to Love Yourself: Top 5 Tips

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s almost February 14. Yes, Valentine’s Day 💘. Before you roll your eyes, don’t worry. This post has nothing to do with love birds 🐦 ❤️  or galentines 👯‍♀️ . It’s about the single most important relationship in your life. It’s the relationship you have with yourself. And what better day to honor and celebrate that relationship than to show yourself some self-love? ⁠

1. Treat yourself. 🍭 

This one feels especially hard these days with everything going on in the world. But now you have an excuse to do something nice for yourself. It can be any little thing you wouldn’t normally take the time to do for yourself. So what're you waiting for?

2. Stop comparing yourself to others. 🛑 

This one is tough! Sometimes comparisons are a great way to inspire change, but oftentimes they’re not. Make a concerted effort to not pick on yourself today. Instead, say a couple of affirmations 📢 . Try saying, “I have confidence in myself.” No, seriously. Try it. We’ll wait...⁠

3. Record your gratitude. ✏️ 

Maybe you’re grateful for your sobriety, your support system (tag ‘em if they’re on here!), your body, or your bed 🛌 . Whatever it is, taking the time to write it down is a great way to set a routine AND reflect on what you have and can give. Plus, won’t it be nice to look back at that one day?⁠

4. Set boundaries. 🗣

Boundaries can improve our relationships, our self-esteem, and give us space to grow 🌱 . So don’t feel guilty for saying “no”, asking for space, or simply taking time to yourself 🚪. Those are healthy choices.⁠

5. Be you. 😚

The greatest thing you could give to yourself today and every day is the gift 🎁 of being unapologetically you. When you’re your authentic self you eliminate the exhausting task of people-pleasing. You’ll be able to be the best version of yourself for yourself and others. It’s a win-win! Yay.



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