Left side of image dark purple background with white text that reads "2000 Scholarships, representing $1,000,000 and counting", on the right side of the image is a horizontal can of Clean Cause Yerba Mate Blackberry with hashtag below "1MCLEAN".

Founder Thoughts: 2,000 Scholarships, Representing $1 Million

We're announcing today that we have granted over 2,000 scholarships, representing more than $1,000,000! This is a major milestone for our brand as it proves we can, will and are empowering the pursuit of individuals in recovery from alcohol & drug addiction. ⁠

We asked our founder, @Wes_Hurt, how he felt about the moment & this is what he said.⁠

"Honestly, I have mixed emotions including grief, joy and inspiration. ⁠

Grief – In the U.S. alone, estimates of 100,000 “deaths of despair” will occur or are occurring as a direct result of the pandemic, most attributed to suicide and drug overdose. We grieve for those gone too soon and the families left behind. ⁠

Joy – There’s not many things more powerful than having the opportunity to witness first-hand how many of CLEAN Cause’s scholarship recipients have completely turned around their lives. Seeing a father reunited with his son because he never gave up on recovery feels nothing short of pure joy.⁠

Inspiration – Let’s face it. The world has been beaten to a pulp and the number of people struggling with addiction will likely reach an all-time high. But we are not discouraged and are united in our resolve. Our dream was to help people on their journey to be free of addiction with the hope that they find a life of happiness. To date - our team, customers, retailers and distribution partners have made this dream a reality for over 2,000 souls.⁠

And while CLEAN Cause isn’t THE solution, we are going to be part of one. ⁠

Let’s freakin’ go!!!"

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I love your products, my favorite is the Rasberry, are there any plans of making this with 0 sugar?

Thank you,

Virginia Hage

I have a Christian sober living home in Grove oklahoma. I love your product and what it does for recovering addicts. How do women apply for a scholarship?

Deborah austin Austin

Wes Thank You and your team for TRULY helping people in their journey. Many times when we are doing Overdose Prevention trainings someone mentions they have an individual needing to access sober living but they are indigent. Clean Cause has ALWAYS helped! You guys are the real deal—Thanks So Much

Charles Thibodeaux

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