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A Guide to Self Pride

To truly empower your pursuit, you have to embrace pride & celebrating your wins everyday.  So, let us help you let that light of yours shine.  Not only does it light up your world, it lights up ours!

1. Identify what makes you unique and share it. Making others happy is a great way to generate pride. If you have exceptional music taste, make your friends a playlist. Recently mastered a kickflip? Teach someone how to land it.

2. Learning to accept compliments is an important part of self-pride. Don’t deflect or deny them. Practice accepting compliments and eventually, you’ll start to believe them. 

3. Challenge your thinking. When you catch yourself thinking or saying something negative about yourself, stop. Where the heck is this self-criticism coming from?

4. Know your worth. Your real worth. We all take blows to our self-esteem. Build it back up by listing qualities that make you valuable. If you’re passed up for a new job opportunity, list out all the reasons you’re a great employee and why that’ll make you invaluable somewhere else.

5. Dwelling on our weaknesses leads to low self-confidence. Instead, accept your downfalls. You’ll be less surprised when you fail and you can commit to developing them. 

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